Suing for Medical Expenses in Sexual Abuse Cases: An Expert's Perspective

As an expert in the field of sexual abuse cases, I have seen firsthand the devastating impact that this type of abuse can have on victims. Not only does it cause physical and emotional harm, but it can also result in significant financial losses. That's why it's important for victims to understand their rights and options when it comes to seeking compensation for their medical expenses and other damages.

The state of Maryland is taking a significant step towards justice for victims of sexual abuse by eliminating the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits related to this type of abuse.

This means that victims will be able to file a civil lawsuit no matter how long ago the abuse occurred. This new law is expected to result in a surge of sexual abuse lawsuits against organizations, churches, schools, and other entities. It's important to note that sexual abuse or assault is not limited to physical contact.

Any form of non-consensual sexual contact or contact with a minor under the age of 18 can be considered sexual abuse. While the state can pursue criminal charges against offenders, victims also have the option to file a civil lawsuit and seek financial compensation from the abuser or third parties such as schools or companies. The amount of compensation awarded in Maryland sexual abuse lawsuits will vary depending on several factors. These may include the severity and duration of the abuse, its impact on the victim's life, the financial assets and insurance coverage of the responsible party, and the cost of medical expenses and therapy. Other considerations may include the number of victims involved, the credibility of the victim's testimony, and the strength of the evidence against the responsible party. It's important to understand that settlement amounts in sexual abuse cases are not solely determined by the extent of harm caused.

Victims may choose to accept a lower settlement amount in exchange for a faster resolution, while others may opt to take their case to court for a chance at greater compensation and holding the responsible party accountable. While there have been previous sexual abuse lawsuits in Maryland, many of these settlements are not publicly reported due to confidentiality agreements. These agreements prevent victims from disclosing the terms of the settlement or even the fact that a settlement was reached. If you are a victim of sexual abuse and wish to file a claim, it's crucial to work with an experienced attorney who can help you navigate the legal process and identify all potential defendants. This can be challenging, as victims may not remember all of their abusers or may be afraid to report them. However, with the recent implementation of COVID testing for sexual assault patients covered by state programs, victims may now have more time to come forward and seek justice. While there are still obstacles and limitations in place, such as the 3-year statute of limitations for civil lawsuits in Maryland, it's important for victims to know that they have options for seeking compensation. The emotional and physical toll of sexual abuse is immeasurable, and no amount of money can truly compensate victims for their suffering.

However, similar laws enacted in other states have resulted in millions of dollars in compensation for victims of sexual abuse. If you are considering filing a lawsuit for sexual abuse, it's essential to understand that you can sue not only the abuser but also any individuals or organizations that may have contributed to the abuse or failed to intervene. With the elimination of the statute of limitations in Maryland, victims now have more time to seek justice and hold those responsible accountable.

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